At Ronergy we have been specialists in wind maintenance services since 2011.

¿What we do?

Our provision is based on all kinds of services related to the maintenance and conservation of wind turbine blades and other wind components, so that they are kept in continuous movement.

These works prolong the useful life of the wind turbine blades and improve the performance of their profiles, effectively contributing to increased production and thus amortizing their costs, in the shortest possible time.

Part of the Soluciones Reunidas group

Founded in 1969, the group Soluciones Reunidas is a specialist in anticorrosive treatments and industrial maintenance in the Oil & Gas, Wind Power, Petrochemical, Power Generation and Distribution, Mining, Naval, Offshore and Industry sectors in general.

Soluciones Reunidas has a staff of more than 500 highly qualified specialists and state-of-the-art machinery.

With a presence throughout the national territory, it accompanies its clients internationally and provides technical capacity and financial solvency.

Done projects

Wind farms and installations at Spain

Wind farms and installations around the world

Countries where we operated

Our Team

Our human team is made up of professionals with extensive experience in the wind sector and more specifically in the production and repair of wind blades from most of the world’s manufacturers: LM Wind Power, Gamesa, Vestas, etc.

Our team is made up of highly qualified technicians who combine the following characteristics:

  • Experts in both polyester and epoxy blades.
  • With more than 10 years of experience in the manufacture and maintenance of blades.
  • The highest knowledge and experience in LM Wind Power and Gamesa blades.
  • With constantly updated technical and security training.

Mission, Vision, Values

The mission of RONERGY Services SLU is to ensure that a clean energy source such as wind power has professionals behind it willing to solve any possible problems that may arise in the operation of the generators. The sector would not have a future without trained professionals willing to undertake all kinds of repairs, so that wind energy never stops. We work so that the wind turbines remain in continuous movement. And we constantly innovate to offer a better service day after day.

The vision we have at Ronergy Services SLU is that the sector considers us a serious and reliable company. For this we have a management team with great technical preparation, as well as professional operators whose main premise is a job well done.

The main values of Ronergy Services SLU are:

  • Integrity and ethical commitment – It means being honest and honorable in our work and in our relationships with others.
  • Professional excellence – Seeking the highest quality in our work and carrying out our activity with rigor and technical competence, but also with deep human quality.
  • Respect for the environment – We are aware of what renewable energies represent for the future of the environment and this is our motivation.

We are a company in continuous growth in search of new horizons. We are dedicated to innovate and at the same time to know the needs of the client. We have performed services all over the world.

We have references in more than 280 parks and locations in Spain. Outside of Spain, we have worked in more than 21 countries and we have a presence in more than 150 parks.

Quality – Standards

Ronergy Services has its own standards, defect codes, acceptance criteria, repair instructions and reporting formats but we can adapt our work to the client’s standard.

Management Policy

Environmental performance

Quality system

Environment System

Risk Prevention System

Ronergy is actively involved in industry activities such as the Wind Business Association, is a member of the National Association of Rope Access Companies and is registered with Achilles. 
Ronergy is a signatory to the Global Compact and is committed to aligning its operations with Ten Universally Accepted Principles in the areas of human rights, labor standards, the environment, and the fight against corruption, and to adopt measures in support of the United Nations goals currently embodied in , in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

We work for big brands

During the last years of activity, we have provided our services to different types of clients: technologists, blade manufacturers, park managers and owners.