Specialists in the maintenance and inspection of wind blades and components.

Wind maintenance up to your needs

Elevation mediums

Our professionals are specialists in work with composite materials (epoxy and polyester), trained to carry out structural repairs of any severity through different means of elevation.


  • Telescope inspections, fast, reliable and economical.
  • Inspections of all kinds with a shovel on the ground.
  • Repairs of any type, scope and severity.


  • Technicians with IRATA or ANETVA level 3 qualification.
  • More exhaustive and complete inspections (conductivity, tap coin, drains, etc.), reliable and economical.
  • Repairs that are difficult to access with other means of elevation.
  • Own security procedures.


  • Special inspections (infrared, ultrasound, etc.).
  • Powerful repairs in technical complexity.


  • Cheaper special inspections (IR, UT, etc.).
  • Repairs of great scope in technical complexity, reliable and economical.


Preventive maintenance

We work so that your wind turbines keep moving, constantly innovating to offer you a better service day after day.

Rotor condition audits. blade inspection

We carry out detailed inspections from the ground or from height (vertical work, lifting platform or suspended platform). We prepare a detailed report recommending the necessary actions for each case.

Conductivity measurements

In height inspections we use advanced equipment to guarantee the proper functioning of the lightning rod system and we check and repair the drainage pipes.

Cleaning of blades, shafts and nacelles

We clean oils, solids, smoke, etc. and thereby allows us to:

  • Optimize blade performance.
  • Easily detect the existence of possible damage.
  • Avoid the deterioration of the environment and run the risk of being penalized.

Reinforcement laminations

In case of suspicion of structural weaknesses both in the stringers and in the edges, we carry out reinforcement laminations that solve or reduce this weakness and thereby guarantee a longer blade life.

Leading edge protection

We can protect the areas most exposed to erosion of the leading edges by placing the means on the market (protective films and paints) and thereby increase the performance of the blades and delay the degradation process due to erosion.

Corrective maintenance

We offer practically all corrective solutions for the repair of blades and components:

  • Damage to the outer coating due to erosion or external impacts.
  • Damage due to erosion that deteriorates the aerodynamic profile, reducing the performance of the blade and putting its integrity at risk.
  • Damage to the anti-lightning systems or to the laminates generated by lightning strikes and which can become severe and, in any case, put the proper functioning of the anti-lightning system at risk.
  • Light or medium damage to laminates that can spread to cause severe structural damage.
  • Severe structural damage that requires immediate interventions both in the girders and stringers as well as in the edges and valves.
  • Repair of glue lines.
  • Repair of anti-lightning systems (SAR).
  • Airbrake repair.
  • Balanced
  • Repairment of aerodynaimc elements (such as: flaps, ribbons, zig-zag, spoilers, vortex, stall strips…)
  • Efficiency, performance and design improvements (vortex, generators, dino tails, dino shells).
  • Debonding repairs (girder, webs, c-stiffner, edges – leading edge and trailing edge).
  • Internal and external structural repairs.
  • Buoyed up
  • Anticorrosive treatments in the towers.


Other services

Placement or replacement of aerodynamic elements​

We can increase or recover the best performance of the blades by keeping or replacing these aerodynamic components in good condition: flaps, zig-zag strips, spoilers, vortex, stall strips…

Balancing of rotors

We carry out the static balancing of the rotor on the ground, eliminating the effects of vibrations and deterioration.

Logo placement

Our vertical work teams can carry out the placement or change of adhesive logos on the nacelles.

Beaconing shovel

If blade beacons are required, our technicians will carry out the preparation and painting treatments of the beacon strips required in each case.

Nacelle repairs

We repair damage to nacelles due to fatigue or external impacts that may have appeared. These repairs can be done either at height or at the inside, depending on the case.

Conditioning of blades and components

During the collection, transport and handling, we carry out all the work required so that the blades, hubs, nacelles and sections are in optimal conditions at the time of shipment or assembly.

Minor section repairs

We repair all the damages in the coating that the sections could present in accordance with the procedures of their manufacturers.